Celebration Town Tavern



Children under 12 and over 70! — Anyone in between these ages will be charged an additional $3

2 mini burgers topped with American cheese, served w/ fries

Chicken Fingers$6
All white meat chicken tenders, served w/ fries

Hot Dog$5
Beef hot dog, grilled, served on a split top hot dog bun w/ fries

Fried Clam Strips$7
Sweet tender clams (no bellies) served w/ fries

Linguini w/ Meatballs$6
2 meatballs with marinara sauce

Linguini w/ Butter$5

Chicken Dinner$8
Grilled chicken breast, vegetables & french fries


Kids' Fish-n-Chips$8
Fresh Boston Scrod lightly battered and fried

Turkey Dinner$8
Warm turkey, mash potatoes, stuffing & side of gravy

Tenderloin Tips$9
Cooked medium, with veggies & french fries